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Emerald Green Laser Gloves

Our Emerald Green Laser Gloves v2.1 literally put control of a swarm of laser lights at your fingertips!


This design is as unique as it is innovative. Trinary Laser Gloves have been described many times as the coolest toy in the toy box.


Impress your friends, make new friends, just get out and dance!

Each laser is green (532nm) 5mw, IR filtered.

Battery pack is 2300mah Low Self Discharge technology. Each pack is rechargeable and is good for 2+ hours of continuous use before charging. It attaches to your arm using a Velcro strap.

Battery charger runs on either a 120v US wall outlet or a 240v European outlet.

This package includes: Two gloves. 5 lasers attached to each glove (10 lasers total). 4 battery packs. 1 charger. 1 carrying bag.

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Price: $599.00


Feb 03, 2012 | Category: | Comments: 13


13 thoughts on “Emerald Green Laser Gloves

    • Each laser is 5mW. They are bright enough to be highly visible without being dangerously bright.

  1. What is the NM (nanometers) of each of these lasers?
    I am wondering if it can be used for LLLT effect.

    Thank you

    • Green lasers are 532nm, Red are 635nm, Blue are 450nm. These are not designed with LLLT in mind, but the harmful IR is filtered out from all Trinary lasers, so you may experience a benefit.

  2. intrested about hand dancing with your gloves do you have any outlets in the uk,as i would like to try before buying.

    • Yes, these can ship with a US style 120v charger or a European style 240v charger. Just specify your preference in checkout.

    • We ship worldwide. However in some countries, like mexico, shipping can get pretty expensive. We do not have any control over this, we charge exactly as much as UPS charges us for shipping.

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