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Man in the lasers

Some Action Photos

m83 live @ melt 2012   Here are some photos taken by James Curtis at OCF 2012. These feature the combination of lasers and smoke.              

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Laser Glove Article

What Makes Good Laser Gloves

One question I get asked a lot is “What is the purpose of laser gloves?” Laser gloves are for getting out and dancing. They are for having a great time at the club, being able to interact with the DJ, interact with the music, and just have clean simple fun. I have seen a lot […]

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Burning Man Rave Gloves

Jody & Michi play with their new laser gloves

Jody and Michi posted this video shortly after buying their first pair of Trinary Laser Gloves.

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Laser Glove Article

Laser Colors for the Average Person

If you know nothing about lasers, all the choices of laser colors may be confusing. The question of which laser color is best is actually quite a simple one once you know a little bit of background, so if you’re confused I hope this article will shed some light on the matter.   If you […]

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Why Trinary Laser Gloves are Better

Behind the Scenes: Trinary Gloves Deveolpment Video

This video goes over some of how Trinary Laser Gloves are made, and what made me decide to produce them.

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